"Join us on the Dark Side!" we have bacon.

Here we go folks...It's almost here!! The eclipse is just around the corner. Come out to the Scenic By Way Barn on Monday to "Join us on the Dark Side!" we have bacon.

Posted By: BFinney • Aug 18, 2017

Taking a break...

Last week we received a visit from fellow producers, from Mexico. We took time to enjoy a picnic lunch, before continuing the second part of the tour.

Posted By: BFinney • May 16, 2017

Our Friends from Smithfield come to visit

Our tour group this week is the Smithfield Production Group, and these gentlemen hail from Missouri, Colorado, Utah, and Mexico. Also our PIC representatives were along, as well. They got to tour our newest sow farm, that is a ESF group housing... Read More

Posted By: BFinney • May 04, 2017

It's tour time...

Well it’s that time of year again...it’s time for tours, we enjoyed spending time with fellow producers from Holland, along with representatives from the Hanor Group in the US, and the account manager from PIC. It’s always exciting to get... Read More

Posted By: BFinney • Apr 27, 2017

Pork & Pigs: Now and Then

This is a course offered at the OLLI Center in Lincoln, Tim Chancellor was asked to give a presentation, of a virtual tour of a modern day pig farm. This course will expose the students, to the increased production, through the years, for example... Read More

Posted By: BFinney • Apr 18, 2017

Employees Honored for 20 Plus Years

Thomas Livestock hosted their annual Christmas party on Friday, December 2nd. Everyone in attendance enjoyed a wonderful meal, and were entertained by a "Bull Fight" of sorts. Through out all of this activity time was taken to honor 3 of... Read More

Posted By: BFinney • Dec 06, 2016

2017 Lois Britt Memorial Pork Industry Scholarship

Just like all Agricultural areas, they are always looking for the next generation of leaders, and producers to expand and protect these precious areas. The Pork Industry is no different, this ever changing industry is always looking to recruit, and... Read More

Posted By: BFinney • Nov 14, 2016

Encouraging Youth to Excel in Agriculture

The Nebraska Pork Producers are encouraging youth to become leaders in swine and agriculture industries. They are offering The Pork Mentoring Program, for development in leadership, communication skills, along with career development. The future... Read More

Posted By: BFinney • Nov 08, 2016

Online Applications

The capability to apply for a career through our website has just been launched to be consistent with our goal of "Creating Community Opportunities". This is just another avenue that can be easily utilized by those interested in working... Read More

Posted By: Admin • Aug 12, 2016

Free Pork Sliders @ BB Parade

Come join Thomas Livestock and the Nebraska Pork Producers from 4-7pm on July 30th on the south side of The Square for free pork sliders -

Posted By: Sonia • Jul 22, 2016

Winners from the grilling contest

The winners from our grilling contest. - -

Posted By: Rachel • Jul 07, 2016

Pork Expo

TLC at the National Pork Expo in... Read More

Posted By: Rachel • Jun 28, 2016

Grilling Masters!

Summer is for flippin and grilling. Our grill contest is on its way. Look at our grill masters. - - - - -

Posted By: Rachel • Jun 03, 2016

RJ's family

RJ wanted to let everybody know, that even his family has nice “Butts”, (pork butts) also!! Employees, keep those grilling pictures coming - -

Posted By: Rachel • May 13, 2016

Grill Master 2016

Thomas Livestock is having a pork grilling contest. See flyer for details. - -

Posted By: Rachel • May 10, 2016

Canadian Tour

Last week we had representatives from Olymel, a Canadian integrator with 46,000 sows based in Saskatchewan, tour the Thomas Livestock facilities. canadian.jpg Representing Oylmel: Cliff Ehr, Casey Smit, Colin Pratt, and Zenon... Read More

Posted By: Rachel • May 04, 2016

Getting Cozy with the Pigs!

Recently, we at Thomas Livestock were honored to host Randy Stoecker, a very prominent person in our industry. Dr Roger Main from Iowa State University and Al Juhnke, the new Executive Director of the Nebraska Pork Producers, accompanied Randy on... Read More

Posted By: Rachel • Apr 21, 2016

First Tour of the Year

These gentlemen traveled from Germany, for a 2 day tour of various sites at Thomas Livestock Co.. Dr. Thomas Mueller, Martin Bos, Erwrin van den Borne, Roland van Asten, and Marcel Renders, were all guests along with Doug Carlsen of PIC of Omaha,... Read More

Posted By: Rachel • Apr 14, 2016

Updated Website

Welcome to the updated website for Thomas Livestock Company! Our goal is provide a nice, clean, and fluid layout that can be easily used by our visitors. The website is fully functional, but we are still in the final deployment stage, so there... Read More

Posted By: Admin • Mar 16, 2016


News, Articles, and Events will be posted here.

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