Open Job Positions

Farrowing Worker
Helping assist sows giving birth, taking care of baby piglets and ensuring they are given every opportunity to thrive.

Breeding Area Worker
Artificially inseminating sows after weaning and making sure sows are well taken care of to give them the best chance to become pregnant and achieve their potential of liveborn piglets.

Power Washer in Farrowing
Washing rooms and birthing pens to provide a clean, disinfected, warm, dry area for the new mothers to give birth.

Night Care Positions
We believe it's essential to provide care for the animals 24 hours a day. These positions in farrowing and nursery provide an opportunity for several different start/finish time slots if this is something that would fit your schedule.

Night Load Out Crew
Loading fat hogs on trucks for market. Start loading trucks around 9pm and help prepare rooms for washing crew.

Nursery Herdsman
Help sort and place newly weaned piglets. Make sure piglets have the best care possible. This includes treating, feeder adjustments, water availability, comfort zones, ventilating, heat lamps, and comfort mats. We receive new weaned piglets 5 mornings per week.

Finisher Barn Manager
This individual is responsible for the site care including cleaning, laundry, paper work and maintenance. This person is also caring for the pigs in their barn in all phases from nursery, feeder pigs, through helping to load out fat hogs. Would be working by yourself much of the time, so being self motivated is a plus.

Posted by: BFinney • Feb 03, 2017

How to Apply

There are several ways in which you can apply at Thomas Livestock:

You may stop in at our office and fill out an application, print off an application found on the right and then fax or email it to us, or apply online using the link below. Once your application is received it will be reviewed and we will contact you.

Thank you for your interest in Thomas Livestock Company.